What is Free Bet, and what to expect of it

There is a great way to attract players to bet online. Bookies offer free bets. Free bets are their way of competing with traditional bookmakers. If the statistics to go by free bets are winning this is because more and more people are taking to online betting than ever before. In the online betting scene today, you can get certain offers that will give you up to four times the value of your initial bet this additional value is always credited to your account as a free bet credit.

Just as the name suggests a free bet is a bet that the bookie lets you place for free. There is a different scenario in online betting rather than giving you free cash to bet. It’s the same as being handed free cash except that the free cash is credited here on your betting account. Most online bookies use free bets as a promotional tool; this means they will give you a free bet if you are a new player on their site. There are also certain instances where they will hold special bonus programs where they award free bets and can only be used to place bets you cannot withdraw the cash. There are some bookies who will allow you to withdraw the winnings you get from the initial free bet this is why it’s vital you understand a bookies terms and condition before signing up.

What you can use on:

It will depend on your bookie, specifically on their terms and condition regarding what to do with free bets. It is, however, a common practice that most bookies will allow you to use free bets on sports betting markets mostly. They allow players to bet on the sport betting markets that offer odds on, but some will have restrictions on what you can bet on.

How to choose:

The most important thing is what you can do with the bet, and that makes it necessary to read terms and conditions. Most players make the all too common mistakes of going for the highest and shiniest free bets offer, it may look good, but the bookie may have too many strings attached to their offer. Don’t go for such offer it’s better for an offer to be simple and minimal.