What are Polygons?

The polygons are the closed two-dimensional plane figures. It is defined by a finite number of straight-line segments connected to form a polygon. The polygons are classified into different types depending on the number of sides and angles. Some of the prime classifications of polygons are:

Regular polygon

If all the sides of the polygon are equal (equilateral), and all the interior angles are of equal measure (equiangular), then it is known as a regular polygon. In Euclidean geometry, the regular polygon may be either star or convex.

Irregular Polygon

Irregular polygon is a polygon, in which all the sides and angles are of different measures. It may have the sides of any length and angles of any measure. It can be concave or convex. But all the concave polygons are considered as an irregular polygon. Since all the interior angles of a concave polygon cannot be the same, it is irregular. The polygons which are not regular is known as an irregular polygon.

Convex Polygon

A convex polygon is a plane polygon in which all the interior angles (angles inside the polygon) are strictly below 180 degrees. It means that all the vertex will point outwards from the centre of the shape. For examples, 3-gons or triangles are always convex polygons.

Concave Polygon

A concave polygon is a plane polygon in which one or more interior angles are more than 180 degrees. The vertex of a polygon will point towards the inside of a polygon. The polygons which are not convex are called concave polygons. A concave polygon must have at least four sides.

Simple Polygon

A polygon that doesn’t intersect itself and has no holes are known as a simple polygon. It consists of non-intersecting straight lines or sides that are joined pair-wise together to form a closed path. Examples of simple polygons are quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, etc.

Complex Polygon

A complex polygon is a polygon that intersects itself. Many polygon rules do not work with the complex polygon. An example of a complex polygon is a star polygon.

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