Wet Nose Boutique Offers Amazing Pet Products For Your Pet

Our pets only deserve the very best and care that is filled with love. Due to this Wet Nose Boutique offers great selection of comfy and functional pet products which will keep pets happy and healthy.

Listed here are top three pet items that Wet Nose Boutique provides:

Cat Cave Beds

One of many pet items that people provide, cat cave beds attract pet proprietors. Our selection of cat cave beds includes the finest quality of Merino made from made of woll that makes certain that your cats will more often than not feel comfortable, stay happy and healthy.

The key factor of Merino made from made of woll is founded on its fine fibers that makes it the softest made from made of woll in the marketplace.

This property of Merino made from made of woll helps to ensure that your cats possess a comfortable bed to wind down additionally to remain as well as get yourself some perfume. Our cat cave beds don’t require lots of time to wash them. In case you consider offering more room for that cat, you needn’t do much but cut a bigger hole within the cat cave bed.

There are many types of cat cave beds available:

Eco-friendly Floral.

Lime Eco-friendly/Pink Flowers.



Cream Floral.

Eco-friendly or Orange Leaf.

Dog safety Harness

Using this two and half many years of engineering efforts inside the Sleepypod’s design team, we are in a position to manufacture your dog safety harness that’s both light and will be offering maximum protection for that dog.

The Sleepypod dog safety harness in concert with a combination of a patent pending “Infinity Loop design” along with a padded vest that assist in distribution and lower in damaging forces.

Right here are a handful of details regarding the Sleepypod Dog Safety harness:

The patented three-point contact the idea of a large part passenger seat makes certain that your canine’s entire torso is guaranteed.

The harness is broad, cushioned along with the vest can greatly absorb energy.

The harness may be operated rapidly and it is instantly attached and released.

We use automotive grade mats to produce our dog safety harness which will make certain the harnesses hold superior strength.

Our Sleepypod dog harness can be utilized a walking harness too.

The harness strips come outfitted with reflective material which can be visible during evening.

The vests could be cleaned and so are constructed with ballistic nylon.

Our harnesses can be found in three sizes for an extensive selection of dog breeds.

Pet Carriers

Wet Nose Boutique offers pet carriers which are coded in techniques to suit anywhere you need them to. It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling within the vehicle or flying on the airplane, our pet carriers are super easy to carry along.

Unlike other rigid pet carriers, our pet carriers are unique. Our pet carriers include adjustable padded connectors which helps you to continue shoulders.

The simulated soft angora Smart-Comfort pad enhances the convenience and comfort inside our pet carriers.