Watch the fire show live at Dubai desert safari.

Overnight desert safari is all about wonders. The activities of overnight desert safari are so interesting. One of the many interesting activities is the fire show. Get a chance to watch the fire show live in the desert. Manipulation of fire is not easy. It is actually very dangerous. The performers are well trained and experienced. They are well aware of the techniques and they are highly skilled. Don’t try this at home instead watch them perform live in the desert. It is a spectacular idea.

You must have seen the fire show on television or at the circus but fire show at a desert is actually unique. The lights are dull during the performance and the environment is so lit. To enhance the effect the lights are turned off. The performers are highly professional. They know the tricks and techniques. They rotate the fire strings in two directions that is the clockwise and the anti-clockwise direction. They move it so fast and this shows their hard work.

The fire show will create an atmosphere.

You will be amazed by the performance of the performers. The whole fiery act is conducted under supervision. The performers are very much experienced. They use many fire objects like fireballs, rings that are lit with fire and fire strings, etc. The performers wear a specific costume. Look at the live performance, take pictures, record videos and enjoy. The way the performers blow fire from mouth, it will give you goosebumps. There are many types of fire shows. They include fire and belly dance, ritual fire show, fire theatre, modern fire shows that is fire show with good music, traditional fire show, etc.

More about Camp activities.

Overnight desert safari and evening desert safari both include amazing camp activities. You can also watch other live performances like the famous folk dance also known as the tanoura show and the belly dancing. Henna painting or henna art and Arabic costume photography are also included in camp activities.

Have your dinner while enjoying these camp activities. The dinner is so good. It includes barbeque and buffet. All cooked in Arabian spices.

The beauty of the night.

After the camp activities are over you can also stay back and spend your whole night in the desert. End your day beautifully by spending a night at the desert. The desert is surely the best place to spend some time alone. The nature of the desert is calm. There is silence everywhere. A cold wind is blowing. The environment is so good. The sky is filled with stars and the moonlight is enhancing the effect. Imagine sitting in the desert. For a while forget about your problems and sit over the Sand dunes or have a walk at the desert. You will feel so good and peaceful.

Choose Dubai desert safari and make your trip worth remembering.

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