Various Ways to Wear Lavender Pearls Jewelry

One of the most stunning varieties of pearls is Lavender pearls. This is the natural color of cultured freshwater pearls and is not obtained from any artificial dye procedure. Learning the right way to wear these pearls will make them look even more gorgeous.

6 strands of Lavender pearls

Six strands of pearls and earrings top our list. This set comprises of seventeen inches of necklace and earring set. This blooming beautiful set is perfect for a casual gathering. Check this website, to get some more information about Lavender pearls.

Stunning Lavender Pearls Set

This set consists of gorgeously designed eight strand pearl necklace that is made using two pearl ropes for unlimited possibilities. This beautiful pearl necklace when matched with cluster dangle earrings is sure to fill you with a wow feeling. Lavender pearls have an endless hue that makes them very special.

How to wear this beautiful pearl jewellery?

Choose the right color of pearl

The color of pearl necklace should match with the pearl earrings. Select the color of pearl that matches to your complexion. White pearls are evergreen and an all-time favourite. Pink pearls, white pearls, and peachy pearls, with strong golden shimmers.

Light colored pearls favor women with all types of complexion. Choose a multiple row necklace or a single row necklace without pendant to get a classy look. Ensure that pearls appear perfectly positioned, and the earrings are of a stud shape.

Though red lips complete the look, any color will complement this awesome lavender pearl. Another most important makeup is black eyeliner. Simply draw a prolonged black line at the corner of your eyes and you are done.

Keep the entire attire classy with understated earrings with a bold selection of clothes. Velvet and lace would be ideal for top, or get a velvet-based or lace dress, or a black top with a heavily embellished skirt. This looks perfect for a casual gathering.


All these are some of the most prized collection that would give you an incredible appearance for any event. Enjoy it either with your blue jeans or complete your look with an elegant touch for a night event.