Various Pearls Used in Antique or Vintage Jewelry

Pearls in different shapes and size are used in antique piece or vintage jewelry.

In this post, we shall try to identify all those pearls that are used in pearl bracelet under these two broad categories. We shall touch upon various kinds of pearls that come under this category.

Baroque pearls

These types of pearls are found both among natural as well as cultured pearls. Usually, they will be asymmetrical in their shape and their texture too can be uneven. It is also called imperfect pearl.

Blister pearls

These pearls too can be both natural and fresh water cultured pearls. They look more like an animal shell rather than true pearl. Blister happen when inside the mollusk’s shell and other substance get attached.

Cultured pearls

These pearls are created by human effort by inserting certain shell-like object on the oyster and the pearls are formed almost like any natural pearls are formed. However, these pearls can be easily distinguished from imitation pearls.

Freshwater pearls

Many antique types of jewellery have been created from freshwater pearls and most of the pearls were found in the mussels during 1800. Due to their naturally rocky shape, these pearls could be used very artfully in number of fine jewelry designs.

Mabe pearls

These pearls are similar to blister pearls however their harvesting process is different.

Natural pearls

Only those can be called as natural pearls which are made when certain foreign substance enters into the shell of certain mollusk without any help from men as done in case of cultured pearls, that are developed in freshwater.

Quahog pearls

This pearl is one of the very rarest pieces of an antique pearl jewelry that was ever discovered and was found in basket of costume jewelry.

Seed pearls

These seed pearls are the tiny examples, which can be either round or baroque shape which usually measure little less than 2mm in size. Natural seed pearls have been often used in order to represent our tears in the Victorian mourning jewelry.