Tips for Teaching 4-year-old to read

It is believed that young kids learn way faster than an adult does. At the age of four-five years, their brains are able to acquire any kind of knowledge easily. That is why these ages are considered best to learn new things. It is also a good age to teach them alphabets and numbers. Things they learn repeatedly during these years are embedded in their minds. So the earlier they show eagerness to learn, the more effortlessly they would be able to read and write.

Since by the age of four, almost every kid can pronounce complete words, it is the best time to start their alphabets lessons. Reading aloud to kids makes them listen and learn process easier. So the more often the parents read to them, the more easily their kids seem to learn to pronounce. Asking the children questions while they read, about the storyline and the characters makes it interesting for them, as the kids are always interested in telling their parents about the books they are reading.

Tips to teach children reading

Although reading can be fun, when you are doing it on your own, it might be as easy and fun when it comes to teaching toddlers how to read. Here are a few tips that might make the process easier:

  • Sing a Song: Singing makes the learning process more comfortable, even more so when one is teaching a four-year-old the alphabets. The universal tune of singing the alphabets has made the learning process a lot easier as everyone dances or taps along to the tune while learning the alphabets.
  • Read Alphabet Books: One can read alphabet books, with colored letters or in a natural setting. The different colors appeal to kids to learn, and while reading in a natural setting, it would be easier for kids to remember the letter, and it intrigues them to learn more. You can always ask the kids to read out a street sign, or name of a shop for you. That way, they enjoy learning without even realising that they are learning.
  • Alphabet Puzzles: There are a ton of different kinds and sizes of alphabet puzzles available in the market. The small 3D cubes of alphabets puzzles have always been of great help while learning. Let the kids play around with the puzzles and also learn new words and learn about all the letters.

Applying these tips will help you to teach 4 year old child how to read effectively.