Three main parts of a lehenga choli costume

Lehenga choli makes you look gorgeous! It is the favorite wear of many ladies. We can see even celebrities wearing them often – mostly during wedding parties and similar functions. Many of the Bollywood stars (who got recently married) looked gorgeous in the latest lehenga choli designs – which they used for enhancing their looks. You can also gather such amazing lehenga choli costumes at reasonable rates. You just have to invest enough effort in understanding the different lehenga saree suppliers in India – the places from where you can gather the latest lehenga choli. Do this with the help of online websites or through the friends (who already brought them). This helps you in understanding the right place from which you can get lehenga choli at reasonable rates.

Lehenga choli contains three main parts. The three main parts are equally beautiful and contribute equally well in enhancing the look of the costume. Let us take a look on how exactly each part enhances your appearance.

The three main parts that we are going to discuss are:

  1. Lehenga or skirt
  2. Choli or blouse
  3. Dupatta or stole

Lehenga or skirt

The lehenga is the skirt part of the lehenga choli. It is a long costume that forms the second part of the lehenga choli and starts from your hip portion and gets extended towards your ankles. They flow freely – like many others skirts. They are stitched in such a way that so many flairs are present on them. This helps them in making you look even more charming while you move. Certain skirts are designed in such a way that they look grand & thereby enhance the lehenga choli’s look by many times. The lehenga part of a lehenga choli costume can be of the same color / of different color from that of the blouse. It can also match with the color & design of the blouse in only certain areas of the blouse – like in the border.

Choli or blouse

Choli or blouse is used on the upper half of your body. They are designed in such a way that they help in projecting your body shape well and thereby enhance your sex appeal. As mentioned before; the blouse may be of the same color and design or also can be of different color and design from that of the skirt or lehenga. But when kept together; they (that is: the blouse and lehenga) will form a perfect match. Most of the blouses are designed in such a way that they will be having artificial pearls, sequences or other materials on them – that increases the charm of the choli.

Dupatta or stole

The third part of the lehenga choli is a dupatta or a stole. Most of them will be transparent; so that the design of the choli and the lehenga do not get hidden behind them. You can wear this dupatta in many ways. You can either wear them on one side or can wear them like how you wear a sari. You can understand many more varieties of wearing the dupatta – for enhancing the look of your lehenga choli – with the help of the internet. Use the same costume at different places in different ways with the help of the dupatta. Each time you will be looking unique and best (this way). Thus the dupatta plays a major role in the lehenga choli costume; even though its name is not included while taking the costume name – i.e.: lehenga choli. You too can create your own way of wearing the dupatta in order to stand out in the crowd.

Lehenga manufacturer in India provides you with gorgeous lehenga choli. Buy the best one at cost effective rates; after doing enough research on the same. Gather information about them online or with the help of your friends & relatives – who have already purchased the latest lehenga choli pieces. This knowledge or information helps you in gathering the best lehenga choli at reasonable rates. The three main parts of the lehenga choli are: the blouse or choli, the dupatta or stole and the lehenga or skirt. Blouse covers the upper part of your body and the lehenga covers the lower part of your body. The stole is worn over them. This can be done in various ways. You can browse the internet for understanding the different ways in which you can put a dupatta (and thereby look unique & different). Create your own way too and stand out in the crowd.