This is Why Your Holiday Travel is Awful

Let’s be honest here, in some cases, we have experienced ruined holiday getaways. There are the over-scheduling and even the complete commercialization of the whole trip. And when the conditions are just not right or maybe not appropriate, it will surely destroy the holiday spirit as well as the holiday travel which is supposed to be stress-free. One of the emerging reasons why people travel is to visit relatives or love ones which perhaps can take oneself away to the magical locales. We want to get there by all means, either risking to travel on the road, rail and even on air regardless of the weather condition. This is because we want things to be something special and worth all the effort exerted. But still, you can make use of one of the best systems to know and monitor your flight status and be notified in real-time if there are some changes.

As per the U.S Bureau of Transportation Statistics, during the Thanksgiving season, the number of long-distance travel which is 50 miles or more away increases by 54%. During the Christmas to New Year’s season, it further increases to 23%. Road travel through car makes up about 90% of these trips while air travel accounts for 6% and the remaining percentage is allocated to the bus, trains, and ships.

With that, we’ve gathered here some factors to define why your holiday travel is awful:

Scarcity of everything

If we were to look at the travel and tourism industry, for instance, no hotel or resort wants to have empty rooms even on the lowest seasons of the year that’s why they manage to maintain an average amount of rooms. However, when a busy season comes in, that’s the time that they run out of rooms. There are also some cases where can rental options can be exhausted. For the availability of flight, there are times that a particular city can have every seat booked. And these scarcities can instantly turn everyone’s stress.

Weather condition

There are times when the place that you are visiting just had some record-breaking blizzards, tornados, floods, a punishing snowstorm or other freaky weather situations. Such circumstances can hinder you from doing the things that are planned since some tours can be canceled or rescheduled. Might as well have a backup plan or just still be optimistic in the midst of such unpredictable events.

Sleep deprivation

Normally, we don’t get enough sleep during holiday seasons since we are busy doing various errands or even staying up late to have quality time for our loved ones. Especially most adults, they are seen to cram leading them to be less Christmas cheery and unenergetic. Also, if you’re traveling by train or air, it’ll cause mere misery.

Sick of not feeling well

Another trick that mother nature likes to play on is for holiday shoppers to be infected with a virus. The holiday season is also a flu season since several travelers experience it. The majority have a lack of sleep and proper nutrition, it makes us vulnerable to bugs. Since it’s holiday season and everyone wants to catch up, we remain tough and fight for it and in return result in a miserable holiday travel experience.

Must-celebrate seasons  

Some movies taught us that we shouldn’t miss Christmas or Thanksgiving seasons if so, we’re coined as the worst person ever. In that case, we lose the holiday spirit and even breaking the hearts of the child somewhere. It may seem untrue but still, we don’t want the person who ruins the holiday celebration through not attending various gatherings.

We need to know one’s limit and pay attention to one’s physical and emotional health in that case, we can lessen the stress of traveling during holiday seasons.