Things to expect in a wine tour of Lisbon

Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, is one of the oldest cities of the world. Its existence dates back prior to the birth of cities like Paris, Rome and London. At present, the city is one of the global hubs that witnesses actions on all fronts like music, food, entertainment, technology, culture and etc. To get the complete knowledge about the real Lisbon, it is advisable to be a part of Lisbon Wine Tours.

What is offered in Lisbon wine tour?

The first thing, obviously, will be the wine tasting sessions. The wines from the most authentic wineries of Lisbon will be served in the most delightful setting to the tourists. These tours have a visit to some of the main attractions of the city as focal point. So, listed here are some of the tours that include wine tasting sessions in Lisbon:

  • Private tour of the Setúbal region:

Setubal is one of the cheese and wine hubs of Lisbon. This region falls on the south of Lisbon. It is day long trip. The tourists can get the raw essence of the mountainous scenery and plush greens while enjoying the sips of finest wines coming straight from the popular local cellars.

  • Lunch and wine tour to Alentejo:

If you are travelling with small group and has plans to spend whole day walking and tasting wines amidst nature, this tour is meant for you. The tour includes wine tasting session and gourmet lunch comprising of most authentic dishes of the region.

  • Lisbon historic city tour:

The guide takes you to the city center while passing various popular neighborhoods that you have read about in books. There are appetizers, dessert, wine and food comprising the tour and all these create fond memories for the food and wine lovers.

When you want to experience Lisbon through the eyes of a local, take a wine tour. It is the experience not worth a miss!