Surprising Poppers Facts

Poppers – You probably know what they are and what they do! If you are a user of poppers or are considering becoming a poppers user this is important – You should know exactly what they are, how they should be taken and the effects that they can cause, both good and bad. You should know everything about them before you make any decisions to take them. Taking poppers can change people lives for the better, but you need to know what you are doing and what you are taking.

Poppers such as Liquid Gold Poppers are popular all over the world, first becoming popular as part of the gay scene in the 60s and the 70s before later becoming popular with other communities such as the clubbing scene and the sex scene.

It is easy to find information about poppers and how they should be used online, however we are here today to provide people with poppers facts that many people do not know! Here goes…

Surprising Poppers facts

  • Poppers are not actually called poppers. Poppers is a slang term used to describe a chemical class known as alkyl nitrates – which is the liquid that you find in poppers.
  • Poppers were first given the slang name poppers after many men described an exhilarating ‘pop’ shortly after inhalation.
  • Many people think that poppers are illegal in the UK, however they are not. It is perfect legal to buy and sell poppers in the UK!
  • A lot of gay men take poppers when having sex to relax their anal muscles and to make penetration easier! It can even make vaginal sex more pleasing for some people.
  • Poppers are often used for other purposes other than partying and sexual reasons, including to clean records and to scent rooms.
  • Some of the most popular poppers brands are Rush Poppers, Liquid Gold Poppers and English Poppers.

A Poppers Supplier for You


Poppers can be 100% safe when used correctly and when high quality poppers are purchased – You should never take poppers from someone that you do not know and you should not share yours with people that you do not know. You should always ensure that you buy your poppers from a reputable supplier such as Liquid Gold Poppers! Liquid Gold Poppers have a modern website that people can visit to order poppers and have them delivered directly to their doors! The company are also available to contact if anyone has any questions about any of the poppers that they sell or would like further information.