Similarities and Dissimilarities between Football and Basketball Betting

The majority of sports aficionados place some bets and make watching the live game more thrilling. Two third of sports betting is done on basketball and football. Are betting styles on the two most popular sports basketball and football different? The betting styles of both have a lot of similarities than differences.

Similarities between football and basketball

In both the games, you will look for a winning team or some side bets. The latter differs because these depend on specific aspects and rules of each game. The former is the most popular bet with the lowest payouts because to predict other novelty bets accurately is not easy.

These wagers are accessible and simple to forecast for new bettors. There are each player’s metrics and scores within these games, a bettor can wager on the UFA betting website. They are accessible in different sizes and shapes like who will commit a foul or score first.


The distinction between basketball and football betting is great for bettors, who desire to blend their betting with multiple different elements. Basketball game rules offer few betting options, while lots of extra options are available on football betting.

Over the past years, football betting is escalating in popularity because online casinos like Ufakick are offering football-themed slots and live football betting opportunities, to sustain the demand. Football bettors are more than basketball wagers because during big events like the World Cup and Premier League improved odds, as well as special bets, are offered, which is not so common in basketball.

Which is best?

It all boils down to which game you prefer the most. It will be easy for you to understand the game as well as the different odds within it. Such skills will help you gain more success. Below are some tips to help you bet smartly on any kind of game you choose.

Tips to make you a smart and sensible wager

No emotions

Amateur bettors wager on their hot favorites to win. It is not always the best concept. Emotions have to be eliminated because betting is a serious activity, which needs you to be practical and not emotional. Use head and not heart!

Be updated with the history

Look at the team’s history and learn from it or be prepared to lose a handful of cash. Teams get changed each year and sometimes such adding and subtraction of players can show significant results. How the team A performed in 2015 to 2016 has little influence on how they will perform in 2016 to 2017 because a star player has returned for the current season. A small change can offer a drastically different team.

Check the schedules

Back to back matches can impact the player’s performance. Before you lay your bet check the team’s schedule. The players are tired and less efficient in their offenses and defenses on tight schedule back to back games.

Home or away games

Everyone is comfortable paying on their home-ground. The home stadium has a huge advantage but this does not mean you bet blindly on the home team. There is a possibility that the road team can win and vice versa. Be cautious when you bet on any team…..it matters to win!