Pretreatment of Aluminium Extrusions

Do you plan to powder coat or paint your aluminium extrusions? If so, that is a wonderful idea as it is a great choice if you hope to get bright colours. Without pre-treatment, the finish may fail to adhere as it should. Pretreatment is the process that your manufacturer uses to get rid of oil, dirt, and any other unwanted things from the surface of your aluminium.It is usually done before powder coating.

Pretreatment is usually preceded by a cleaning process and a subsequent coating process.It may be done by an electrolytic or chemical process. The goal is to alter the natural film of aluminium oxide. When your aluminium surface comes in contact with oxygen, it may form greyish smut. If you do not get rid of it, your powder coat will be applied to the film and not on the aluminium surface. The result is that your coating may not last very long.

 It also gets rid of contaminants on the surface that may keep your coating from adhering. There are different types of pretreatment processes depending on the nature of your application.Chemical processes, for example, are common in food and transport applications.

There are three approaches to cleaning for pre-treatment. They include; alkaline spray or immersion, acid electrolyte cleaning, and acid spray or immersion.

The process of pretreatment involves a lot of steps so it is important to get the help of a professional.If you choose an extrusion company that does not have experience in the job, they may not do a good job.The number of steps during the extrusion process depends on the method you choose.

The Mechanism of Pretreatment

Pretreatment helps you to achieve a few things include;

  • Creating a barrier to restrict oxygen, water, and ion from getting to your substrate
  • Improving the corrosion resistance of your aluminium surface
  • Increasing the surface area
  • Increasing the bonding potential of applied coatings
  • It helps to achieve the best finish possible
  • It enables your colour finish to work well in both internal and external environments.

Pretreatment plays a major role both in structure and chemistry. It has a major impact on the quality of the final product.

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