How is Rogaine as a hair growth solution for women?

It is wrong to consider that baldness can be cured magically. The studies have proved that it is possible to control the hair loss and protect the hair using the methods like laser treatment, using Minoxidil and prescription for Finasteride. There are many products available for treating male baldness and most of them contain Minoxidil. There is however a product for women too that also has Minoxidil. Rogaine for women foam‌is one of the best products available. It can be used for hair loss treatment for female pattern baldness.

Pros of Rogaine for women

Rogaine for women foam‌ ‌contains 2% of Minoxidil as compared to 5% of it in the version for the men. Minoxidil is the only FDA approved drug that can be used to treat hair loss due to female pattern baldness. Some of the advantages of using Rogaine are:

  • It has been seen in studies and cases that the use of the drug Minoxidil has resulted in slowing down and even stopping of hair fall in most women.
  • It has also been seen in many cases that the regular use of the drug has caused nearly quarter of the women to grow new hair.
  • One needs to apply the medicine two times a day on the scalp to see the results.

Along with the pros that are many cons of the Minoxidil. Rogaine is expensive and long-term use of the product can be costly for many women. You have to wait for few months to a year to see the results. Initial application can cause hair loss for first two to four weeks as older hairs are pushed out before new hairs come up. Irritation in the scalp and some other side effects like unwanted hairs can be difficult but Minoxidil is the only safe way to fight hair loss.