Dota Underlords: Best strategy to boost rank

Underlords strategies

To successfully boost rank in Dota Underlords you need to fully understand the differences between this game and the classical Auto Chess. I will not tell you about them, you better learn them by yourself or read about them on the official resources, but I will tell you about the most powerful and strong tribes and combinations in the Dota Underlords.

Dota Underlords

Warriors in Underlords

Warriors in the Dota was always strong, but in this game, the pure warriors could be devastating, especially if you have the right buffs. There are a few routes of playing warriors. In the most classy one, you need to stack all the warriors and pray for the radiance. The best radiance holder is a Pudge, due to his enormous HP pool (three-star Pudge has 5500 HP and with 9 warriors +25 armor). But let’s look at more complicated variation, that was devastating and unstoppable in the early patches of Dota Underlords.

Warriors and Hunters

This is the second way of building warriors, this build was totally broken in the beta, but right now it still works pretty well.

Dota warriors

This is an absolutely top-tier strategy in the Dota Underlords because it contains the best DPS dealers and the most useful tanks.

3 warriors:
  • Pudge as the most efficient tank, he has 1000 HP as a 1-star unit, and the warrior buff gives him additional armor. Also, do not forget that together with Drow Ranger they are forming Heartless tribe (Undead race) that decreasing armor;
  • Kunkka as a unit that wins some time for the Hunters with the boat;
  • Doom as a good damage dealer and silencer;
  • OR Lycan if you have a buff that counts every human as undead (to reach the second armor reducing bonus in pair with Kunkka).
6 hunters:
  • Meduza as the main damage dealer, in dota underlords she has a passive Split Shot ability, so you need to give her your proc-chance items like Maelstrom or Basher;
  • Sniper as the one who is killing low HP units, thanks to the reworked Dwarf tribe, now it is a Deadeye that focusing low-hp targets;
  • Drow Ranger that was also reworked a little and now she has proximity aura that increases the attack speed of units around her;
  • Tidebringer as a mass CC and the second from the Naga tribe to give you additional time to kill mages;
  • Windranger with the strong nuke;
  • Mirana. Priestess of the Moon in Dota Underlords looking a bit weaker, but it is a choice between her and Beast Master and we already have a good warriors wall.

If you will receive an early Drow Ranger and Pudge then you must choose this strategy, and rush for the 3+3 (3 warriors and 3 hunters) as soon as possible. Do not care about which hunters and warriors you have, in the mid game you will change them with the ones from the list above.

Dota hunters

If you are luckier on warriors you could rebuild this strategy into 6 warriors and 3 hunters. Meduza and Slardar will give you the magic resist that Warriors need, and the Troll Warlord near the Drow Ranger will be a good addition to your army.