California Notary Bond – A Safety Net against Fraudulence and Injustice

The State of California and its government make use of notary bonds to protect the citizens against potential crimes that can be committed by the notary and concerned officials. A notary is an official who is concerned with legal formalities, specifically signatures on official documents. With the aim of putting a check on this power, a notary bond will make way for compensation if an individual or group has been cheated, or simply avoid any official misconduct from taking place. A claim can be filed against the unlawful officials and compensation worth $15000 can be made for the damage.

Instant Issue Bond

The California notary bond is an ‘instant issue’ bond. This public bond shall be issued to you once you have paid your premium fees and filled up an application form. AmeriPro Security Bonds is an agency which offers this service to all the American states including California.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

It has to be made sure that all applicants buy the aforementioned policy. Although the California notary bond stands only for the protection and safety of the public and does not take the notary’s side, the E&O insurance policy works for the protection of the notary against unjust claims of the public.  The insurance policy comes with a small fee though but it is worth buying.

There’s a handbook available as a form of assistance for the notary exam. When it comes to selecting the right E&O policy exclusively for Loan Signing agents, one must contact AmeriPro Security Bonds for choosing the suitable option. The notary bond empowers the public in fighting back against the forces of power abuse and legal complications. By virtue of being an ‘Instant Issue’ bond, it enables access for the public to seek justice in the most convenient way.